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Style Sharing is a digital-fashion exhibition that highlights how innovations in technology, online interactivity and digital culture have affected the way diverse cultures share ideas and in turn inspire fashion.

The prestigious art schools in the fashion capital of London have enjoyed nurturing and showcasing Korean design talent for some years. This free exhibition brings together a selection of Korean designers who have either made their mark in London, or are newly established, ready to take the fashion world by storm.

Multiculturalism doesn’t just benefit the creative trajectories of educational institutions. Everyday, people are sharing more, whether it’s news stories or personal photos; digital technology has enabled the world to become a more culturally giving creative platform – A mood that has been embraced by archives, museums and galleries, exemplified by the innovative ways that disseminate knowledge.

“We move from the idea of museums as spaces for static delivery of a monolithic point of view into ones where our objects inspire communal storytelling, and where we share diverse perspectives that are alive and changing.”

- Courtney O’Callaghan, Smithsonian Institute (2014)

The exhibition comprises seven South Korean designers, all educated in London, displayed alongside seven short films, directed by young British filmmaker Eoin Glaister. Designers include: rokh, J Moon, Heohwan Simulation, J KOO, Ha Sang Beg, Nayoung Moon and Hyunsoo Heather Park.

The dual display highlights the symbiotic relationship between Korean and British styles, in not just fashion but within the two blurring cultures. Whether you eat Korean food or fish and chips, love K-Pop or Indie Rock, ‘gaming’ or playing tennis, cross-cultural inspirations are becoming interchangeable. Specifically in fashion, masculine and feminine boundaries are crossed and shared, evidenced though the styles of the selected designers. As a result, notions of exoticism become increasingly ambiguous, as digital communication brings us closer together.

Although we all share one digital world and have the same access to a communal online space, our creative outputs are diverse. The exhibition brings together seven fashion designers who all have a very distinct style and a unique approach to their work. It poses the idea that we resist pressure to become identical; the London Arts Scene will maintain its celebration of individuality, furthermore a Korean designer presence can continue to input its flourishing fashion hard-drive.

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